Despite technological skills, Gen Z feels not ready for the workforce


By 2020, one out of every five workers worldwide will be of Generation Z; however, as much as they trust their tech-savvy abilities, they do not feel ready for the future.

Photo: Bigstock

In a survey of 12,000 high school and university students around the world, 94% of the participants admitted they do not feel ready for the workforce.

Being raised in a time when technology advance so fast, many of the young people under 23 use different technologies every day at school, from gaming to AI and VR. Even so, only 57% believe their education prepared them satisfactorily for the future.

This feeling of unreadiness comes from not knowing if they have the skills that employers are looking for, such as critical thinking or effective communication.

Surprisingly, although they grew up immersed in technology, most respondents prefer to learn these 'power skills' from their co-workers than in online programs; and go to the office and work as a team that independently at home.

The survey also indicated that by 2020, one out of every five workers worldwide would be of Generation Z, so it will be essential to make a collaborative effort between employers and educators to develop programs that support new generations helping them master the different skills to prepare them for the future.

This effort could range from internships or work rotation, and companies investing in technology to take advantage of the strengths of the new generations.