MakerBot launches certification program for educators


With this online certification program teachers prepare to become 3D printing experts through individual training to develop their 3D printing curriculum and lessons.

Photo courtersy of MakerBot.

An increasing number of educational institutions are creating makerspaces, where students learn by doing while making use of design software as well as tools and equipment to carry out their projects such as 3D printers, laser cutters, numerical control machines, welding equipment, etcetera.

MakerBot, a leader in 3D printing in the classroom and present in more than 7,000 schools, has announced the launch of a 3D Printing Certification Program for educators.

The implementation of 3D printing in the classroom can be burdensome, which is why MakerBot, founded in 2009, was one of the first companies to make 3D printing accessible and affordable, creating solutions for teachers and administrators.

"After years of working directly with educators we learned that one of the most challenging parts of using 3D printers in the classroom is not learning new technologies or design skills, it's having high-quality 3D printing curricula and lessons prepared specifically for your classroom," said Felipe Rosales, General Manager for MakerBot Latin America.

The MakerBot Certification™ Program not only trains educators in the operation of MakerBot printers but also in how to create their own 3D printing curricula, providing educators with the skills to transform a typical curriculum into 21st century STEAM projects. The company offers a platform to share content and discover more about education through Thingiverse, a leading space in the industry and in the growing 3D printing community.

Teachers can obtain an online certification, which is comprised of a series of self-paced courses. The certification program is divided into two stages, in the first, participants are trained to become operators and the next level focuses on the creation of curricula.

The MakerBot Certification™ Program

  • Level 1: Operator (configuration, usage, software, 3D modeling, problem solving)
  • Level 2: Curriculum Creator (administration of STEM classrooms, creation of 3D printing projects)

Format: online 5-10 hours.

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