MIT names laboratory in honor of Tec de Monterrey


The Prototyping Laboratory that bears the name of the Mexican institution is part of MIT.nano, a complex dedicated to nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Photo: Tecnológico de Monterrey

By Andrea López/TecReview

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed the MIT.nano initiative, the most significant research bet on the disciplines that study matter at the level of atoms and molecules.

Nanoscience and nanotechnology offer new solutions to significant challenges for humanity, for example, the environment, energy or medicine.

As part of this project, MIT inaugurated on October 4 the MIT.nano complex, a building of more than 65,000 square meters located in the heart of its campus.

The complex will not only open its doors to professors and students of the same university but will also receive groups from other prestigious organizations from different countries, including Mexico, through the collaboration that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has with the Tecnológico de Monterrey (MIT-Tec) since 2014.

"The collaboration with Tec will be able to expand at MIT.nano, as the new spaces and laboratories allow an extraordinary number and a variety of researchers throughout the institute," said Jesús del Álamo, director of the Microsystems Technology Laboratory at MIT., in an interview with Tec Review.

Tec will be sending "a total of 50 people a year to MIT among researchers, undergraduate students, postgraduate students, and teachers in the future," added Ricardo Ramírez, Associate Dean of Research and Development at the Tecnológico de Monterrey’ School of Engineering.

Tecnológico de Monterrey

Tecnológico de Monterrey

TEC-MIT already gives results

Salvador Alva, Tecnológico de Monterrey president, recalled that MIT and the institution to which it belongs share an objective, that of transforming the world to do it better. For this reason, the MIT.nano initiative “allured” the Mexican university from the beginning, since it has the potential to find solutions to different current world problems.

Also, "imagine, [MIT] is the number one university according to rankings such as QS," he said.

Dr. Ramírez added that, four years after the agreement, the results have been very relevant for both institutions, and that in this exchange of talent, Mexicans have demonstrated "an equivalent level, comparable with their peers abroad. Those who have gone to MIT have demonstrated their scientific, technological skills. "

Tecnológico de Monterrey

Tecnológico de Monterrey

Technological Prototyping Laboratory of Monterrey

As part of the MIT.nano complex, built in 999 days with an investment of more than 400 million dollars, there is the Tecnológico de Monterrey Prototyping Suite. In these laboratories "micro and nanochips will be assembled, and systems will be developed around them", detailed Jesús del Álamo.