The need to think disruptively in the face of an uncertain future

Michelle Weise In the International Congress on Educational Innovation CIIE 2017

Michelle Weise invites us to break our linear thinking, to embrace challenges of the future and understand technological transformations.

In the 4th International Congress on Educational Innovation (CIIE 2017) –held in Monterrey, Mexico– Michelle Weise, Workforce Strategies & Chief Innovation Officer of Strada Education Network, stated that we need to train our minds to think disruptively to adapt to the challenges of the future.

We can’t ignore that automation will eliminate jobs. We can no longer afford to think that artificial intelligence is a future problem. We must overcome our resistance to change; we need a positive attitude and teamwork.

Michelle Weise noted that work and education are becoming inseparable. No more 5 or 6 years’ careers, but useful certifications that solve specific labor problems. For example, nowadays a coding bootcamp provides more valuable tools than a law degree.

Universities need to change. They need to prepare students throughout their entire lives. Although, we still do not have such infrastructure. We need to create that ecosystem in which students and workers can enter and exit an educational experience whenever they need to.

On the other hand, the speaker clarified the concept of "disruptive innovation", and gave some advice to recognize it:

Michelle Weise In the International Congress on Educational Innovation CIIE 2017
  •  Its initial objective is to serve non-consumers; these are innovations that exceed the needs of final customers. For example, personal computers, in the beginning, were not created for mathematicians or engineers, but for girls and boys who wanted to listen to music privately or play a video game.
  •  At first, it may seem an incomplete concept or an ineffective idea. However, this idea needs to develop in time to make sense.
  • Technology, to be disruptive, needs to be based on a business plan that makes it viable and sustainable in the long run.
  • Innovative concepts challenge other suppliers in a specific market.

Weise’s presentation was full of useful information to start embracing disruption. To adopt a positive and open attitude towards changes. To be able to envision a promising future to face future challenges.