Why Data Analytics Courses Shouldn't Be Just for Computer Science Majors

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons


A new report titled “Investing in America’s Data Science and Analytics Talent: The Case for Action” points out a “fundamental disconnect” between the skills that employers desire versus the skills that graduates possess, and states that while 69 percent of employers expect candidates with data science and analytics skills (also known as DSA skills), only 23 percent of college and university leaders say their graduates will have those skills.

Miami-Dade College, the largest community college in the United States, is already taking action on the matter. Diverse reported that the administration has been working to make data analytics a requirement for every major and discipline. Data analytics shouldn’t be just for computer science majors, “I really believe it applies everywhere,” said Eduardo Padrón, President of Miami-Dade College. 

The report also provides examples of institutions that are already working on this matter and cites a number of ways that colleges and universities can foster diversity in DSA, from providing more training and support for faculty to creating “engaging introductory courses” and designing curriculum for practical use. 

Source: Diverse