10 digital tools for the classroom


Experts recommend 10 EdTech tools that teachers can use to make their classes more attractive and efficient.

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By Natalia Arias | Conecta

As part of the Educational Innovation Talks program of Tecnológico de Monterrey, specialists in educational technology presented 10 validated tools that teachers can use in 2018 to make their classes more attractive and efficient.

The presentation was carried out by Gonzalo Reza, director of Technologies for Education at Tecnológico de Monterrey; Eduardo González, director of the Center for Teaching Development and Educational Innovation of the Northern Region of the institution; and Bertha Saldívar, director of Educational Technology Solutions.

The tools were furtherly explored by the architects of solutions in educational technology María del Consuelo Cabello, Miguel Pérez, Andrés Juan Luis and Yazmín Hernández.

This is the list of the 10 tools presented:

Adobe Spark: A tool for storytelling with which students can express a creative idea; this tool allows you to create videos, infographics, web pages, and more.

Quizizz: Digital assessing tool. With it, the teacher can evaluate students in real time and consider whether she should explain a topic again or carry on with the lesson.

Alt Space VR: Social platform of virtual reality that facilitates the interaction between several persons regardless of their location. This generates a virtual space that allows the user to attend events no matter where they are.

3D Organon VR Anatomy: A virtual reality platform with 15 body systems (skeleton, nervous system, etc.), designed for students of medicine or related fields.

Masterpiece VR: This is a powerful virtual reality tool for 3D creation of paintings and sculptures, ideal for industrial design, architecture, and engineering fields.

Emotiv: This tool provides neurophysiological exploration and the recording of brain activity. With it, a paraplegic person, for example, can control, with his thoughts, an electronic tool.

iOS 11 Record: It is not a technology, but an update of Apple's operating system that can be used on a smartphone or iPad. Teachers use it to create tutorials and guidelines.

Ice Cream Recorder: This application allows you to easily record your screen and is useful for tutorials.

Filmora Go: App for editing videos on a smartphone. It is user-friendly and great for teachers with little free time.

Recap: Online discussion forum where students and teachers interact in video. The teacher uploads questions, and then the student responds through a chat or by recording her answer.

These tools are related to the teaching and learning trends presented at the International Conference of Educational Innovation of Tecnológico de Monterrey.