Purdue aims to enhance all its majors with Data Science

Data Science workshop

Data Science research and study are essential; by 2020 it is estimated that 2.72 million new jobs require data management skills.

Faculty and members of Purdue launched an initiative that tries to permeate all its educational programs with Data Science. According to the statement issued by the institution, data management is critical; by 2020 it is estimated that 2.72 million new jobs require data analysis and management skills.

The objective is to create a Data Science-fluent ecosystem; integrate courses in this field in all Purdue undergraduate and postgraduate programs, in addition to redesigning the campus with adequate spaces to develop activities related to this topic in collaboration with private companies.

The plan covers the study of all areas related to Data Science such as data analysis, data visualization, big data, information technology, data ethics, digital humanities and data science policies. The areas of focus can include foundations related to specific applications and the implementation of Data Science in other disciplines.

The grand interdisciplinary challenge to extract new knowledge from big data through advanced analytics presents a transformational opportunity for Purdue… It touches nearly every discipline we study and will impact the future of virtually every student we educate.
— Jay Akridge. Interim Provost and Executive Vice-president for academic affairs and diversity.

Purdue faculty expects students at Purdue to graduate with strong analytical thinking skills, mastery of tools to manage data, and the development of the ability to generate new ways of reasoning reliably, intelligently and creatively. The initiative tries to prepare professionals that stand out in different labor fields through the domain of data management.