The first generation of students with blockchain degrees graduates in Mexico

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Tec de Monterrey will give greater visibility and mobility to the academic trajectory of its graduates.

For the first time in Mexico, Tecnológico de Monterrey will issue professional blockchain college diplomas for an entire generation of more than 4000 students who graduate from 24 campuses throughout the country. Last April, 350 professional degrees were delivered with this technology in a pilot test with graduates of this institution.

This cutting-edge technological initiative empowers students as owners of their information, which is unalterable since it is hosted securely and encrypted in blockchain, a decentralized and public database that safely allows digital transactions, creating relationships of trust between users.

Blockcerts Wallet, created in 2016 by the MIT, issues academic degrees in an open blockchain standard that allows sharing them with employers, potential partners, educational institutions, companies and organizations from around the world that can verify their authenticity without having to consult the institution.

The traditional degree on paper will continue to be delivered, as will the electronic title in .XML format indicated by the Mexican Ministry of Public Education, and now the graduates will also have it in blockchain, favoring their academic and professional mobility.

Issuing our degrees in a digital format based on Blockchain is a significant step that allows our graduates to share their academic credentials electronically. Today this technology will only be applied to the professional diplomas, but in the future, it will be extended to other types of certifications, bringing benefits to employers, institutions, and organizations around the world. We trust that in the future, this technology will have a significant impact in different areas of our society. As a university, we will be exploring new and different uses.
— David Garza, rector of Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Annually, around eleven thousand students graduate from Tecnológico de Monterrey, and from this generation onwards, the graduates will have this technological innovation in their degrees. Also, alumni from previous generations can be given this benefit in a process that will start after 2020.

Tec de Monterrey is one of the pioneering universities in the implementation of blockchain technology to issue academic credentials throughout the world and the first in Mexico. It is also part of a group of nine leading universities in the world that work on the design of a global infrastructure that will allow them to issue, share and verify academic credentials in a digital format.

Incorporating technology such as this one to academic credentials is part of the set of innovations that the implementation of the Tec21 Educational Model brings, a unique model in the world that bets on disruptive change in the way of education. Learning will be more flexible and adapted to the needs of each student, to strengthen those competencies required as global citizens to face the challenges of the present and the future.


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