edX launches nine affordable online master’s degrees

Student on a master's degree online course

An on-campus Master’s degree in Georgia Tech can cost up to $49,000. However, that same program costs less than $10,000 in edX.

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Institutions such as Georgía Tech, the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Indiana offer more affordable online master’s degrees in edX than on-campus format.

Traditional master’s degrees are expensive. For instance, for a foreign student, a degree at Georgia Tech can cost up to $49,000 –not considering expenses generated when changing residence. However, in some online educational platforms that same program costs less than $10,000.

The postgraduate offer needs to adapt to the new technologies and respond to the needs of students and recruiters; the development of specialized programs are required in new fields of study; these new degrees need to be flexible and affordable.

Digital technology is revolutionizing every aspect of our society and changing the nature of work. Existing industries are evolving while new fields are emerging, and there is a clear demand for the advanced knowledge needed to succeed in this new workplace. However, the investment of time and money required to gain this knowledge through a traditional on-campus master’s degree is a challenge for many.
— Anant Agarw, edX CEO and MIT Professor.

Below we list the new nine master degrees offered by edX on its platform.

  • Curtin University - Master’s Degree in Marketing.

    Cost: $22,254

  • Georgia Institute of Technology - Master’s Degree in Analytics.

    Cost: $9,900

  • Georgia Institute of Technology - Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity.

    Cost: $9,920 dollars.

  • Indiana University - Master’s Degree Accounting.

    Cost: $21,000.

  • Indiana University - Master of Science in Information Technology Management.

  • Cost: $21,000

  • University of California, San Diego - Master’s Degree in Data Science.

    Cost: $15,000.

  • University of Queensland - Master's Degree in Leadership: Service Innovation.

    Cost: $18,500.

  • University of Texas at Austin - Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

    Cost: $10,000.

  • Arizona State University - Master's Degree in Supply Chain Management

    Cost: to be defined.

Most of the programs offered require a commitment of study of between one and three years, depending on the available time of each student.

If you want to review the characteristics of the master's programs, we invite you to visit the edX site here.