Global bachelor’s degree: university campuses without borders

Students from all over the world

Emerson College and the Paris College of Art launched a degree that can be taken on different campuses in the US, France, and the Netherlands. This effort aims to eliminate the borders between universities.

Image: Bigstock

Educational experts imagine a future educational ecosystem in which students can shape their academy path regardless of borders imposed by nations or institutions.

It would be enriching for students to pursue a career in different countries and on different campuses; to be able to take the best of each university according to their interests.

In this regard, Emerson College along with the Paris College of Art announced the creation of the Global BFA in Film Art, which will take place in Boston, Paris and the Netherlands.

About this first international degree specialized in Film Art, Lee Pelton, President of Emerson College, stated: "To continue fulfilling our mission in an increasingly global world, Emerson is creating a campus without borders, which we consider vital for the education of future generations of artists and storytellers."

The first semester will launch in Paris College of Art, and summer classes will alternate between Boston and Kasteel Well, in the Netherlands. The curriculum will be taught in English with some Emerson College instructors teaching in Boston and Paris.

This is the first effort planned by Emerson’s "Global Portals," educational programs between universities in France, the United States, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong, among other nations. In the coming months, Emerson College will announce more global degrees in other areas of study, in partnership with the Spanish Ramon Llull University, and the Franklin University in Switzerland.