PrepaTec promotes social-emotional skills with Yale University model

Teacher and student hugging in RULER day

This model aims to promote better academic performance, the development of social skills, leadership skills, attention, along with a decrease in anxiety, depression, and bullying rates.


The development of socio-emotional intelligence is critical to prepare competent people in work, social, academic and family environments. In this regard, since 2016 a model of socio-emotional learning developed by Yale University was integrated into PrepaTec's curriculum and culture of its 37 schools.

The model called RULER (Recognizing, Understanding, Labeling, Expressing, and Regulating emotion) was created by the Yale professor, Marc Brackett. In the first instance, RULER focuses on improving the emotional intelligence of adults in the school system, including administrators, tutors, teachers, staff and parents, through in-person training and online workshops.

Subsequently, this strategy uses tools aimed at students to create a positive emotional climate that promotes better academic performance, the development of social skills, leadership skills, and attention, along with a decrease in anxiety, depression, bullying rates, and exhaustion of teachers.

Some of the RULER tools include a Charter that details how members of the community aspire to treat each other; A Mood meter that allows students and educators to identify the full range of their emotions and assess how they can affect their actions; And the Meta-moment strategy that helps students manage emotions with their "best self" in mind.

The RULER model in PrepaTec schools

PrepaTec students in RULER day activities

Nayeli Rodríguez Esquivel, Academic Director of Development and Tutoring at PrepaTec Esmeralda, located in the State of Mexico, emphasizes that adults are responsible for the development of socio-emotional skills in adolescents. She states, "These skills are pillars in the formation of a young person who is making decisions, is shaping her life and her way in it. PrepaTec wants to accompany and train them in this journey."

Rodríguez explains that, together with the implementation of the strategies generated at Yale University, activities such as the RULER day are carried out. Every semester, all the PrepaTec schools in the country celebrate local, regional and national events to promote social-emotional intelligence.

Furthermore, there are workshops for parents with the RULER approach that are offered according to each campus decision. Parents learn social-emotional skills to improve the climate at home to support young people in a common positive framework.

The result shows that the climate and the organizational culture improves thanks to this initiative. In addition, teacher exhaustion reduces and the degree of student satisfaction increases.