Top tech trends for 2018


The organizers of CES 2018 predict 5G, artificial intelligence, robotics, smart cities, among other technologies, will impact 2018.

During the media day at CES 2018, in Las Vegas, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) unveiled the tech trends to watch this year: 5G, artificial intelligence, robotics, smart cities, digital healthcare, and virtual reality.

  • 5G: The fifth generation of mobile networks is here and will start to be implemented in more and more devices. 5G will enable faster downloads and better performance.
  • Artificial intelligence: More technologies will use artificial intelligence, especially smart speakers and digital assistants.
  • Robotics: Due to advances in several technologies, like facial recognition, robots will become better assistants and will feel more human.
  • Smart cities: Technology will be widely implemented in cities with the goal of providing better services and public safety. For the first time, CES had a special area for products centered in smart cities.
  • Digital healthcare: New devices capable of measuring and tracking patient’s health will be available.
  • Virtual and augmented reality: VR and AR will not only be used on entertainment, but will reach consumer experience, for example shopping. Also, more powerful devices will allow these technologies to be expanded.

In addition to these emerging trends, CTA revealed the maturing technologies that will continue to do well.

  • Smartphones: New flagships by mayor brands will push growth in the sector, although modest.
  • Laptops: Convertible models will continue to sell well and the whole sector will grow by 3% in 2018.
  • Televisions: 4K TVs will make up 50% of all devices sold this year.
  • Automotive Electronics: Technologies installed in cars, such as smart assistants, will continue to grow in 2018.