Fiverr debuts learning platform for freelancers

Freelance designer working on a fiverr project

With Learn from Fiverr freelancers can improve or acquire new skills and earn badges to have greater exposure to job opportunities.

Image: Bigstock

Fiverr launches an education platform aimed at freelancers who want to improve their skills and have greater exposure to job opportunities.

On Fiverr, designers, writers, filmmakers, photographers, among other independent professionals, offer multiple services. Now, with Learn from Fiverr, freelancers can improve or acquire new skills and show them in their profiles through badges.

Micha Kaufman, CEO, and co-founder of Fiverr states in his blog: "In addition to core knowledge, Learn from Fiverr courses will also include freelance-centric content including creating a proper brief for clients, conducting effective market research and delivering the final product."

According to Kaufman, the achievement of these courses will offer more exposure to the freelancer’s profiles in the Fiverr platform, thereby expanding their business opportunities.

The Learn from Fiverr course catalog is still limited; only some digital marketing (SEO, analytics, and social media ads) design, photography, and storytelling courses are available.

Some of the Fiverr instructors are experienced professionals from companies such as Apple, Nike or Google. Course prices start at $19, up to $75 for programs with several modules.

If you want to know more about Learn from Fiverr, you can visit its website here.