XuetangX offers free online Micro-Diploma in Computer Science

Woman taking an online Computer Science course

This online blended learning course offers online modules and the opportunity to attend face-to-face clases at Tsinghua University in China.

Photo: Bigstock.com

XuetangX, the most important MOOCs platform in China, premiered a free workshop in Computer Science with experts from MIT, Berkeley and Tsinghua University. The objective is to promote and enhance the computational skills of Chinese and foreign engineers.

With the auspices of UNESCO, XuetangX brought together international experts and experienced Chinese teachers for the development of this educational program. Titled: 2018 Special Training on International Engineering Education: Frontier Computer-Knowledge Workshop, this blended learning course offers online modules and the opportunity to attend face-to-face subjects at Tsinghua University in China.

The course covers fundamental topics of programming, scientific thinking, and development of methodologies. It consists of four subjects: Data Structures and Algorithm Design, Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science, Introduction to Computing and Programming Using Python, and Agile Development using Ruby on Rails.

Also, XuetangX offers certification for those who pass all module’s exams. Outstanding students could receive an invitation to attend the next stage at Tsinghua University.

This course materials aim engineering students and employees with basic engineering knowledge, although teachers or anyone interested in developing computer skills or adding alternative credentials to their curriculum can take the workshop.

The first stage of study begins in June and ends on the last day of August. For more information on registration and details of the workshop visit: http://engedu.ikcest.org/unesco/visual/micromasters/