Coursera launches 6 new degrees and a MasterTrack certificate

Coursera student inside a computer

Coursera added six new courses developed by some of the world's leading universities at affordable prices, on subjects like Computer Science and Public Health.

Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera, announced the launch of six new courses that aim to prepare students for the jobs of the future and launched a certificate called Mastertrack, which will allow students to obtain credits toward a traditional master's degree.

According to recent statistics, Coursera has over 30,000 students registered in its platform. It offers 2,600 courses and 236 specializations. Today, it adds six new courses developed by some of the world's leading universities at affordable prices, on subjects like Computer Science and Public Health –fields of study that experts consider fundamental in the future of work.

  1. Arizona State University’s Master of Computer Science (Fall 2018). A program designed for students with undergraduate degrees in computer science or related areas. It will address fundamentals of computing, machine learning, cybersecurity and big data.
  2. Imperial College London’s Global Master of Public Health (2019). Course on epidemiology, global health challenges and innovation in health improvement, aimed at developing, managing and implementing public health interventions. It promises to be a project based on practice with an application in the real world.
  3. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Master of Computer Science (Fall 2018). This program is led by experts and technology innovators from PayPal, YouTube, Microsoft and Yelp. It aims to prepare students with solid theoretical foundations of information technology. Also, it will allow students to choose the emphasis of their field of study in software engineering, parallel programming or high-performance computing.
  4. University of London’s bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Spring 2019). First-ever Coursera undergraduate degree, whose objective is for students to develop basic programming skills and learn computer principles, covering topics such as machine learning, virtual reality and game development.
  5. University of Michigan’s Master of Public Health (Fall 2019). This program offers a complete online degree. Learners will receive accredited training from a variety of public health specializations for focused expertise, such as population health, program planning and evaluation, health analytics, genomics and precision health.
  6. University of Michigan’s Master of Applied Data Science (Fall 2019).This program is offered by what is considered the best School of Information Systems. Students will develop skills in programming and statistics, machine learning and ethics.

MasterTrack Certificates

Coursera has joined forces with the University of Michigan and the University of Illinois to take online students to traditional educational programs. Currently, they offer three pilot certifications in Digital Marketing, Instructional Design and Construction Project Management. The Mastertrack certificates are courses similar to the Micromasters and Microbachelors of edX, which can also be validated by some universities to complete a master's degree.

If you want more information on the value of online credentials, check out our interview with Jeff Maggioncalda on the rise of alternative credentials.