Ten adaptive software that support personalized teaching


From improving students' reading fluency or their understanding of algebra, adaptive programs are here to help.

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There are many tools to help teachers provide personalized learning for all their students. Although they do not replace the educator, their algorithms help to be more in tune with the needs of each student. From putting a diagnostic test or modifying on the way, this software seeks to facilitate the work of the teacher and improve education.

Discover ten tools that help convert any class online and adapt to the needs of the teacher and student.

  1. Aleks

    Math tutorials and exams for K-12 and higher education.

  2. ScootPad

    A platform that adapts its math and reading  lessons for K-5.

  3. Istation

    Digital curriculum, evaluation, and support in reading and writing for k-12.

  4. Mastering

    A higher education software that provides content, tools, and experience in science and engineering.

  5. Think Through Math

    Program that provides instructions, motivation, and support in math subjects.

  6. Knowre

    Support in mathematics for K-12 students.

  7. Connected

    A digital teaching and learning environment that helps students and instructors while improving performance in different subjects.

  8. Smart Sparrow

    A platform that allows teachers to create their classes online and adapt them according to their criteria. It also will enable teachers to support themselves with programmers to modify their courses to improve student performance and motivate them.

  9. Realizeit

    A versatile, adaptive learning system and to ascend. The system provides competency-based adaptive learning capabilities.

  10. Snapwiz

    Different applications that develop critical skills and concepts for K-12 up to higher education.

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