The classroom of the future according to Microsoft


Microsoft creates #MicrosoftEDULab, a space with six zones with different activities that seek to integrate the technology and educational concepts of the 21st century.

Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft has created a laboratory of educational experiences called: Microsoft Edu Labs. This space seeks to create awareness about how to integrate 21st-century learning concepts, such as technology, to reform education.

The project aims to promote collaborative and flexible learning spaces with new educational methodologies; inspiration for the educational community, redesign the classrooms, be a reference in educational innovation for its structure and architecture and create a flexible and inclusive space.

This space is designed to develop the students’ skills by making it the center of attention. This change fosters interaction, experimentation, and creativity between the teacher and the student. #MicrosoftEDULab has six zones with different purposes and activities, which is where the teacher uses technology to promote interactivity and participation among students.



The creative space where students can record, produce and edit as a team; the present zone where students can present their projects, a research space where, thanks to the flexibility of the area, children change from being passive listeners to active.

A corner is designed to build; here students can develop solutions to communication problems and present it to the classroom. Finally, it has an area that promotes self-reflection and informal learning. These spaces also have configurable furniture which allows the student and teacher to adapt it to their needs and activities. You can even move elements such as light to adjust to the type of learning.

In addition to this, seeks to integrate the entire educational community with training sessions, workshops, courses for teachers, counselors, students, businesses and families. Microsoft makes all of these efforts with the objective of being a different technological and educational environment.