Why talent is not the only thing that matters when hiring?

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Professional skills and abilities are desirable attributes, but teamwork is crucial.

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Work culture revolves around talent. To fill a job opening, HR professionals search for the candidate with the exact set of skills they are looking for and, the most resourceful, the most eager candidate to work.

They want the person who meets every requirement to get into the company, but often they overlook the criteria to select people with the right mindset to stay in the company and protect the business investment linked to their hiring.

When we have a trend like that dominating the market, is no mystery rockstar employees are booming right now. Bringing one of them into your place of work can rocket your productivity in the first phase after this person is hired, but in the long run, the bad attitude sometimes associated with this candidate profile can produce more losses than gain.

What does it mean to be a Rockstar employee?

A Rockstar employee is a worker in which you can trust to do an excellent job. They have all the qualifications, skills and talents to overcome any challenge in the office. And they will present a spotless profile to integrate your team, at least on paper.

This perfect match rarely comes without a handicap. Their uncanny ability to do their job with stellar standards might have set them to work often by themselves, making it more difficult to work and collaborate with others.

Rockstar employees tend to make their own rules, weakening leadership within the company and cooperation with a team. It is also advisable to watch their influence over other employees since bad habits and attitudes can be passed on, especially from someone who is admired by the rest of the staff.

The productivity of a star worker can be an attractive resource for any company. But we should be mindful about other sets of assets we should be introducing into the business.

How to make the best of a Rockstar employee?

“In any company, you can have a brilliant bunch of individuals — but what prompts them to share ideas and concerns, contribute to one another’s thinking, and warn the group early about potential risks is their connection to one another.”

Margaret Heffernan, entrepreneur, writer and part-time professor at Bath University explain what makes teamwork beyond talent.

This principle is the starting point for good HR management, as advised by the ESAN Graduate Business School. Healthy company culture comes from the right kind of leadership and organization in the workplace. To develop effective strategies and solutions for every team is necessary to make the most of the staff abilities and know how to work around their weaknesses.

The business school also argues that an education that produces leaders is fundamental to create professionals capable of taking out the best in people and help diverse teams run smoothly.

The key to work with an employee with excellent skills and ambitions is to make sure that humility, openness to connect with others and willingness for teamwork are just as strong as his talents.

This attributes can be detected from the get-go, asking the right questions in the interviews and paying attention and how the candidate answers. When you ask them about a big challenge in a previous job, to they tell you about what they individually did, or what they did working with their team? Does the candidate wait until the interviewer has finished speaking every time or do they interrupt to say something they consider important? Do they approach people respectfully or with arrogance? All these traits are vital to figuring out if the candidate will play along well with others.

It is important to emphasize that not all Rockstar employees are necessarily bad apples, but if we don’t want o get stuck with what we need to learn to read the signs that will reveal the candidate not only as the best person to do the job but the best person to do the job with others.