Artificial Intelligence arrives to 700 schools in Belgium


Century Tech, a British startup that offers an artificial intelligence platform for education, signed an agreement with 700 Belgian schools. The goal? Personalized education for all.

Photo: Bigstock

One of the biggest barriers to changing the traditional educational model to a personalized one is that teachers do not have the time to customize each class according to each student's ability and learning style. For this reason, Belgium signed a deal with Century Tech, a British startup that offers an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for schools, to provide 700 schools at a regional level with this platform.

The goal is to create a personalized curriculum based on what each student know, how they feel about the content and how long it takes them to finish a lesson. The platform will continue to diagnose progress while at the same time it masters how the child learns and adapts each micro-content and gives feedback.

“The most important person in the classroom is the child, but the most powerful one is the teacher,” says Priya Lakhani, Century Tech founder.

Although it seems that AI could replace teachers automating their work, the goal of this platform is to support them. Century Tech found that 74% of teachers plan to leave the profession in the next three years due to the time it takes them to carry out repetitive tasks such as grading, which does not allow them to focus more on the creation of personalized lessons, which is the platform’s purpose.

While the average use time for this platform is 20 minutes per week in elementary schools and 40 minutes in secondary schools, the teachers who have used it reported that the use of the platform frees them six hours a week.

“For decades, technologies like artificial intelligence have been disrupting and improving sectors across the world—with education remaining largely untouched,” says Lakhani.

What makes the platform so different from other learning technologies is Artificial Intelligence, since it does not require inserting instructions manually, it uses neuroscience and learning science that, thanks to algorithms, adapts what it knows about the student after each use.

The program will take five years to implement in the 700 schools in Belgium fully, but Century Tech is already in talks with different governments to apply it in other countries.

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