The top 10 AI graduate programs in the US

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Carnegie Mellon University leads the ranking of the best graduate programs in artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is one of the most attractive fields to go into for computer science graduates. With disruptive technologies like machine learning changing the landscape of just about every important sector in the economy, graduates from this specialty’s top universities will be in high demand for the foreseeable future.

The media company U.S. News and Global Report just published its 2018 ranking of American graduate programs. Within computer science programs the ones with the best AI specialization are:

  1. Carnegie Mellon University

  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  3. Stanford University

  4. University of California — Berkeley

  5. University of Washington

  6. Cornell University

  7. Georgia Institute of Technology

  8. University of Illinois— Urbana- Champaign / University of Texas— Austin (tie)

  9. University of Michigan— Ann Arbor

  10. University of Massachusetts— Amherst

The rankings were calculated on a combination of data and surveys of expert opinions that reflect the quality of each program. Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Stanford and UC Berkeley are also tied at the top of overall computer science programs, a discipline which they have a historical role in shaping. However, there is also a newcomer; the University of Washington has leaped to position number five, thanks to a $100 million investment to its department funded by the Gates Foundation, Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

As young talent from all around the world competes to enroll into these graduate programs, these elite institutions will keep redefining our relationship with computers and expanding our understanding of the general concept of intelligence.