Coursera launches specialization in SAS analytics software

Student analyzing data

The specialization consists of three courses that range from essential topics to specialized content to achieve mastery of the SAS software.

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The analysis and management of data are in-demand skills in many job environments. The handling of information to help decision-making is no longer an exclusive activity of technical or specialist positions; on the contrary, it is a crucial ability in all professional fields.

According to McKinsey, there is a worldwide shortage of 190,000 people with deep analytical capabilities. In this regard, SAS, the leading company specialized in business analytics, launched a Coursera specialization on its advanced analytics software.

This specialization comprehends three courses that range from essential topics to specialized content to achieve mastery of the SAS program to obtain the SAS Base Program Certification, a credential recognized by many industries. Nevertheless, what will you learn in these courses?

Through interactive demonstrations, exercises and practices using free SAS software, you will be able to understand and apply the basics of the SAS programming language. Manipulate and transform datasets, create necessary details and summary reports. Also, you will be able to identify and correct syntax errors and perform data programming.

Analytics is an essential part of the fourth industrial revolution (…) Our customers are aggressively seeking talent to help them compete in the age of analytics. The broad reach of Coursera will help learners around the world more easily develop the SAS skills they need to get ahead.
— Sean O’Brien, Vice President of Education at SAS.

SAS statement points out that students who successfully complete this program will obtain basic knowledge and practical experience in professional careers in Data Science and Business Analytics through real-world cases.

Analytical skills allow evaluating simple or complex problems. This skill incorporates many abilities such as attention to detail, critical thinking skills, decision-making, and research skills — therefore the need to acquire these competencies.

Interested students can register for this course by visiting the Coursera page here.