Tour Creator, Google's educational tool for creating virtual experiences

Kids using Google's Tour Creator at school

Tour Creator allows teachers and students to easily generate instructive experiences in virtual reality.

Google launched a tool for teachers and students to start developing educational content in virtual reality (VR). Tour Creator generates immersive experiences with 360-degree images quickly and easily.

From visiting the Teotihuacán pyramids in Mexico, walking through the ruins of Machi Picchu in Peru, to exploring the lunar surface, Tour Creator offers all kinds of instructive experiences in RV. With the use of Google Maps images, 360 or 2D photographs, Tour Creator generates virtual tours through scenes and descriptions.

How to use Tour Creator?

  1. Access the platform using a Gmail email account.
  2. Select "New Tour".
  3. Add a title, description, and category to your video.
  4. Load a cover photo
  5. Click on "add scene".
  6. Add images and Google Maps scenes to your journey. Remember to add a description and mark points of interest.
  7. Finally, click on "Publish" to generate the link to your virtual tour.

Tour Creator can be enjoyed on RV viewers compatible with Google Cardboard, on smartphones, tablets or on web pages.

How to innovate in class with Tour Creator?

  • Describe historical events with RV tours.
  • Invite students to create virtual journeys.
  • Enrich your geography classes with a virtual trip through different countries.
  • Create challenges to find points of interest.
  • Describe parts of the human body through RV images.
  • Create a virtual journey through space to discover the solar system.

The possibilities to create virtual experiences and the educational use of Tour Creator are endless. Maybe this technology seems complicated, but Google has simplified its use with this tool. Begin to innovate in your classes with virtual reality experiences.

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